What Can We Build?

We've built ERC20, ERC223, ERC721, and even ERC865 tokens for clients. We're extremely knowledgeable in their development, testing, and theory. Any customization or service surrounding tokens such as locking periods, airdrops, or more advanced requirements have been and can be done.

We've built decentralized marketplaces, decentralized exchanges, token-trading games, fighting games, gambling games, you name it. We can not only build the contracts but also frontends, backends, and integrations. If you've got an idea, we can make it a reality.

From CryptoKitties auto-birthing to decentralized arbitrage, we are experts in automation on the blockchain. We've coded Python, Golang, and Javascript systems to analyze events and states on the blockchain then send perfectly-timed transactions to contracts to ensure we fully execute the desired transaction in a complete and profitable manner.

We at Rojax are extremely thorough in our testing. We understand the severe implications a single bug can have in decentralized applications and do everything possible to avoid these scenarios. Every single one of our contracts is internally audited, externally audited, and put through a bug bounty to ensure the security of your application. We also offer auditing services on externally-developed code if you have an application written and need to be sure of its security.

Have an idea and need help figuring out how it can be done? Contact us. Blockchain has a lot of restrictions that must be accounted for to bring ideas to life and we are experts in making applications work on the blockchain. In addition to the purely technical aspects, we're knowledgeable in the space as a whole and can provide perspective on the value of your idea.

You name it and we'll figure out how it can be done. We're passionate about helping people build their ideas and will provide as much assistance as possible to make it happen.

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Robert Forster
Corey Jackson

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